Introducing Alpha9

The people-powered pension fund

For current pensioners

A line of debit connected to your home equity

  • Withdraw from your real estate without moving out.
  • Direct custody and Buy-back guarantee
  • Inheritance friendly
  • Funded by people
For future pensioners

A real estate backed pension fund

  • Top up/down at any time
  • Indexed to real estate performance
  • 10%+ return at historical rates
  • Social impact: funds go to elderly
How it works

A circular economy. Value moves fairly between younger and older generations.

Powered by Blockchain technology.

Trust by design.
Aligned incentives, direct custody, maths.
Low cost, high scale.
State of the art Blockchain-DeFi architecture.
Community driven.
Ran through an open governance mechanism.
Fair by design

Data science driven

  • State of the art analytical model
  • Third party pricing oracles
  • Open source design

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Contribute and be updated on the next gen real-estate pension fund system.

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